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Big Brother presented me with his Mother’s Day gift this morning.  They made them in pre-school so, since he doesn’t go on Fridays, today was the big reveal.


Cute, huh?  There’s a marigold seed planted in the pot and Big Brother’s face in the center of the flower, where you see a white circle of paper.   There’s also a very sweet poem on the back of the picture about how he, too, grew from just a tiny seed but my care and love (and truckloads of mac and cheese) made him grow as big and strong as he is today.

I was touched.   Hugs, kisses, thank yous all around.

Then his teacher handed me the accompanying card and, with a smile, told me that Big Brother’s card was one of the most memorable.  Which brought his second teacher over, also smiling, to tell me (and I quote) “There are no secrets around here.”

Oh, dear Lord.   I opened it:

Let me just zoom in on a little gem for you.

What a sweetheart, no?  Ratting me out for dyeing my hair.

Good thing he’s just the kid of the blue-eyed mailman or Husband might be upset.

Gotta run.

Chores to do and dishes to sort!   Wooohooooo!!!

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