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Predictably, that didn’t take long.

I knew I hated Twitter.

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See that new bird over there to the right?   I don’t even really use Twitter (as you’ll see if you decide to click on him to follow my page of nothingness over there.)   Well, except to stalk follow some of my favorite mind-numbing celebrities.

I “joined” Twitter over a year ago, never posted a single thing, set my profile so that I had to approve any “followers” and ignored every single weirdo that came my way.  It was just sort of a voyeuristic peephole for me.  I was there.  And, I was watching…but silently.

And then, predictably, I got bored.  Stopped checking daily, then weekly then stopped altogether.  Facebook’s more my obsession thing.   Twitter wasn’t for me.

Turns out, though, that anyone who’s anyone in the blog world thinks “tweeting” your posts is a good idea.   Drives traffic, encourages a following, comments, etc.  So, I’m somewhat skeptically trying it out.

But, if it scares me (a la Craigslist) at any point, you all (my prior readers) will be the first to know.  ‘Cause I’ll cancel my Twitter account and BeeBee gun that little birdy over there right off his post.

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