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Predictably, that didn’t take long.

I knew I hated Twitter.

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See that new bird over there to the right?   I don’t even really use Twitter (as you’ll see if you decide to click on him to follow my page of nothingness over there.)   Well, except to stalk follow some of my favorite mind-numbing celebrities.

I “joined” Twitter over a year ago, never posted a single thing, set my profile so that I had to approve any “followers” and ignored every single weirdo that came my way.  It was just sort of a voyeuristic peephole for me.  I was there.  And, I was watching…but silently.

And then, predictably, I got bored.  Stopped checking daily, then weekly then stopped altogether.  Facebook’s more my obsession thing.   Twitter wasn’t for me.

Turns out, though, that anyone who’s anyone in the blog world thinks “tweeting” your posts is a good idea.   Drives traffic, encourages a following, comments, etc.  So, I’m somewhat skeptically trying it out.

But, if it scares me (a la Craigslist) at any point, you all (my prior readers) will be the first to know.  ‘Cause I’ll cancel my Twitter account and BeeBee gun that little birdy over there right off his post.

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Thank you.

I follow a number of blogs lately.  I’m sort of immersing myself in this weird, new culture and unless you are in it you probably have no godly idea how ridiculously huge the blog world really is.  Huge.  I’m something like two years behind the trend, too.  Women like me (and women not at all like me) have been blogging away, sharing thoughts and deep feelings and humor and intensely private things to total strangers across the world for a long time now.   (Men, too, but whatever)  There are blogs I read in which the writer has well over 500 readers, whose comments sections alone are much longer than most of  my entries.  I can’t decide if I’m jealous of those writers or if having that many people paying attention would totally freak me out.  I know it would freak my husband out.

Writing has always been something I love to do.  It’s in my blood.  My mother, who dabbled in some journalism, is a very talented writer.  Her own sisters’ resumes include Editor, The Boston Globe and Emmy-Winning Writer, All My Children.

I’m also an only child which means that while I crave attention I also crave my secrets.  I need something I can call my own (mine! mine! mine!).   And, as Husband has strongly suggested to me, there are just certain things that shouldn’t be shared to the larger audiences.   To me, these include intimate details of:  sex, someone else’s (read: Husband’s) career, true and scary marital issues…oh, and when you’re going on vacation.  Because you might get robbed.  Right?

Yesterday I read a blog titled “…and the horse you rode in on” in which the author talked about how much she couldn’t stand her husband.  And, I judged her for that.    Then, today I read a blog in which a woman stated that she and her husband “never fight”.  And, I judged her for that, too.

So, I guess my point is that blogging is a weird, weird thing.  I think that those who do it (including myself) are desperately seeking …something.  Listeners?  Validation?  “Followers”?  Feedback?   A voiceless Sounding Board?  It’s an intensely vain yet altogether vulnerable practice.

Do they like me?  Do they think I’m funny?  Annoying?  Full of myself?

Do I care?   Probably.

Either way, thank you.  All five to ten of you.  For being there.  For reading.    Thanks.

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Blog Envy

I found a new blog today that I stumbled into after too many clicks to recount (or confess).  I like it.  I think she’s funny, clearly intelligent and I’ll continue to follow her.

But, man, it gave me total blog envy.


Holy graphics.   Going from my blog to that one is like finger-painting to Picasso.


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When your blog has attracted a certain number of visitors, you receive an email from Blogspot suggesting you start placing ads in and around your postings.  The ads link in to your site based on your content and, believe it or not, you (well, I) receive a very small amount of money per ad, per click, etc.  So, I just want to let you know that the ads you see going forward are not mine but, instead, what Google has decided you might like to see / buy / etc.

I noticed today’s ad is anti-Scott Brown (not pro-Coakley, I will point out.  Surprise).   Regardless of who I vote for tomorrow, just know that the ads are not of my posting.  If there was a way to screen political ads entirely, I’d do it.  Because, it isn’t like we haven’t been disgustingly inundated with these ads already.
So, bear with me on it for today.    K?

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