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What smell?!

Pretty sure the Lazy Labrador got sprayed by a skunk last night right before bedtime.

When we let him out, he raced down the deck stairs, there was a big ruckus with lots of barking and then the distinctly pungent “eu de skunk” wafted up at us.   We called him inside, I gave him a perfunctory sniff on the head and gave him the all clear.

But, he sleeps in Big Brother’s room.  And, when I went in there this morning, it kinda smells like Pepe Le Pew took a little nap in BB’s beloved robot bed.

Seriously, though.  Dealing with buying tomato juice, setting up an outside hose, trapping the only Labrador in the world who hates water, then washing, rinsing, completely soaking myself…?


What smell?  I don’t smell anything.

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We just returned from a week’s vacation in the Orlando area which, of course, yielded me a few blog nuggets.  But, I’m currently buried under piles (of laundry), miles (of unsorted bills) and vials (of amoxycillin) so will just have to post them individually as I have the time over the next few days.

Somewhere in the middle of the trip we all went to Disney Animal Kingdom and hit the Kilimanjaro Safari ride.  Pretty cool.  Saw elephants, lions, giraffes (“raffs” as John calls them), hippos, and these guys…

I think I’m pretty funny sometimes so I announced to Ross, loudly enough so that the throngs of strangers around me might hear,
“Hey.  Their butts look like mine!”
Ross, a seasoned veteran at dealing with my “aren’t I funny” moments, didn’t miss a beat in his equally bold reply.
“Nah.  Stop.   Yours isn’t that hairy.”
He’s such a charmer, my husband.

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