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I’m attending a baby shower in a few weeks and my cute, preggy friend registered for some items at Pottery Barn.  So, I went online today and ordered her something adorable and, as usual, my purchase led Pottery Barn to recommend yet another item to me.

“People who bought your product, often buy this product…”

Tulip Wall Decals for $29.99

Create a cheerful garden of colorful flowers anywhere in the room with our exclusive peel-and-stick wall decals.

  • Decals are easy to apply and remove.
  • Created from original watercolor illustrations so each bloom is unique.
  • Set of 9 tulips.
  • Tulip height ranges from 18″ to 31.5″.
  • Internet / Retail only.

And, here they are (picture from the PB website):

Like ’em?   Yeah?  Me too, I guess.

Almost as  much as I liked the work that Big Brother brought home from pre-school earlier this week.

Here’s that.

I mean, come on PB.  Really?

$29.99.   Silly.

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Big Brother presented me with his Mother’s Day gift this morning.  They made them in pre-school so, since he doesn’t go on Fridays, today was the big reveal.


Cute, huh?  There’s a marigold seed planted in the pot and Big Brother’s face in the center of the flower, where you see a white circle of paper.   There’s also a very sweet poem on the back of the picture about how he, too, grew from just a tiny seed but my care and love (and truckloads of mac and cheese) made him grow as big and strong as he is today.

I was touched.   Hugs, kisses, thank yous all around.

Then his teacher handed me the accompanying card and, with a smile, told me that Big Brother’s card was one of the most memorable.  Which brought his second teacher over, also smiling, to tell me (and I quote) “There are no secrets around here.”

Oh, dear Lord.   I opened it:

Let me just zoom in on a little gem for you.

What a sweetheart, no?  Ratting me out for dyeing my hair.

Good thing he’s just the kid of the blue-eyed mailman or Husband might be upset.

Gotta run.

Chores to do and dishes to sort!   Wooohooooo!!!

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My Glass is Half Full

My two-year-old was asked to build a snowman with construction paper and glue in pre-school the other day.  Handed all the appropriate parts (a hat, a nose, black buttons and three white snowballs) here’s what came home.

Clearly, we have a budding Jackson Pollock on our hands.  

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