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We’re all happily home from a wonderful stretch of days visiting my parents in Vermont.   Beautiful weather, (mostly) happy kids, many fabulous outdoor activities, drinks with great friends and delicious meals with family.

Plus, my parents scored some cheap child labor in tending their fields.


But, seriously, how cute are they in those giant tractors?

Really, though, it was a great trip.  A perfect trip.

Well, almost perfect.

Except for a minor blip when I took the boys to a local playground and while I was running a 5K, doing a cart-wheel, rescuing my kids from a rabid dog, (oh, ok…) walking slowly along a wooden walkway, I went down like a ton of bricks.  Just fell.  For who knows what incredibly athletic reason.  (I may or may not have been reading something on my iPhone.  You can’t prove it.)  But anyway, down I went — arms splayed, legs askew, ankle rolled.  Ass over teakettle in my flip-flops.  Suddenly, on the grass looking up at a very worried Big Brother.

Mommy!  Are you ok?

Clearly, I am very graceful.   Swan-like, in fact.

Here, Mommy.   I picked up your phone.  It looks ok.

Mommy of the Year.   Yup, that’s me.   Go ahead and send my trophy to the Manchester Recreation Area c/o Grassy Area behind the tire swings.

So, anyway.   Here’s a shot of the right ankle Friday afternoon back at my parents house.  You know, shortly after I got up close and personal with the playground grass.

You like the pedicure?  You do.  Thanks.

And, here’s the stunning beauty that is my ankle (or lack thereof) today.  Sunday afternoon back at home.


It’s fine, of course.  I’m walking around on it without much trouble and, even though it’s hideous looking, it actually feels better than it did yesterday.

But, really.   Gross.

Yup, just another “sports injury” to add to my collection.

Note to self:  really must slow down.   Ha.

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I’ll bet any Mom readers out there have undoubtedly heard (or even entered) the debate about whether or not to tell your children the “real truth” or to give a white lie here and there.  Little white lies such as  “Wow!  GREAT job, honey!” when they hit a ball off a T and it dribbles two inches from home plate.  Or, “NO, your ears aren’t too big”  as you struggle to find a hat that fits.  Or even “That spaceship/hot lava/invisible spider picture you drew is sooooo good!”

Regardless of the truth in the matter, one should certainly always encourage a child’s creativity, no?  Clearly, we show plenty of enthusiasm around here for the things our boys proudly bring home from school.    We hang things up in the kitchen, wear our handmade necklaces like Cartier, take pictures and email their masterpieces around to relatives, take videos of sing-alongs and praise, praise, praise.

But, today we have an issue.  Big Brother came home with four lovingly handmade bracelets.

“For you, Mom” — I’m easy.
“For Little Brother” — Thoroughly delighted when Big Brother so much as glances his direction, Little Brother squealed with joy at the bracelet presentation and has now commenced napping with it tucked beneath his covers.
“For Daddy” — It awaits Dad’s homecoming at the front door.  Dad, not much of a jewelry wearer, will slip it right on his wrist with a smile and an enthusiastic pat on the back for his son, the artiste.

The fourth, however, has created a bit of a situation.   Because Bernie, in all his brilliant yellow lab-ness, is totally confused.   And, Big Brother just continues to follow Bernie around — presenting his gift over and over again in hopes that Bernie will….what exactly?  Who knows.  But the dog best come up with something soon or this bracelet’s going to be served up with his Purina One tonight.

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