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I decided to take advantage of the weekend (and a visit from my mother-in-law) and escape for an hour or so to run the actual course of next week’s 5K (my first).

Beautiful weather. 70 degrees. Light breeze.

Parked the car at the course start. Pulled out my iPhone with recently downloaded motivational running songs. Plugged in.

Hit Play. Song One.

Ok, let’s go.

Woot!  Woot!  Yay, me.

Begin run. 10 – 12 seconds later.

Song One inexplicably skips to Song Two.


Glance down at phone.  Continue run.

Hm.  That was weird.

Song Two skips to Song Three.   Then, Song Three skips to Song Four.

What?!  Is this thing on shuffle?

Stop running. Glare at phone waiting for next skip.

Song Four happily continues to play.  And, play more.  No apparent sign of weird shuffle function.


Everything normal.   Start to run again.

A few seconds.  Song Four skips to Song Five.

Ugh!  WTF?

So irritating. Stop running.

On plays Song Five.   No skip.

Run again.  And, of course…suddenly Song Six.  Stupid.  Stop again.

Screw it.

I give up on the songs I downloaded specifically for this run and switch to Pandora where I take my chances with the old stand-by “Similar to Salt-n-Pepa” Channel.

‘Cause Kriss Kross’ll make me.  Jump.  Jump.  Daddy Mac’ll make me…Jump.

Wait.  Where was I?

So, whatever.  I made it.  Totally hating my iPhone for 3 miles.  Mad that it failed me in my critical time of need.

When I got home I decided to spend some time digging around in my phone settings.

You probably knew I’d find this.    Didn’t you?

Shake to shuffle.  On.

Who the hell knew about Shake to Shuffle?  And it’s a default setting?

Yeah.  Not that great for a run.

I’m an idiot.

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On August 3rd, my friend D. gave birth to healthy and beautiful twin boys.  She carried them to 34 weeks, defying the odds with each passing day.  Her pregnancy was high risk (extremely high risk), which is still putting it mildly.  High risk for the babies, ‘course, and high risk for my friend.  I can tell her now that I was terrified for her throughout.  Spending weeks early on seeing her name on my caller ID and thinking “Oh no.”  Then, relieved to hear her tired but still strong voice.  She held on.  They held on.  The three of them a daily miracle.   I’m so proud of her.  Of the babies.  Of her husband who, no doubt, felt the same struggles and worries I felt only about 9 million times more strongly and 10 million times more often.   And of her beautiful 3-year-old daughter, who thought Mommy ate too many strawberries and got a big tummy.  They’re a big ole’ family now.  A party of five.   Congratulations, D.  You are, without a doubt, the strongest, kick-a** Mommy I know.  I love you.  Can’t wait to hold the little men.


Also on August 3rd, my friend E. gave birth to a beautiful new baby.  (I mentioned her pregnancy in an earlier post.) While E had, by most accounts, a very “normal” pregnancy, she was never all that comfortable with the idea of another (holy sh*t) person living inside her body.  A masseuse, an athlete, an active Montana girl, E. has always (well…almost always. *wink*) taken care of and been in tune with her own body and its rhythms.  And, for roughly nine months, there was a little pirate aboard the ship.   A welcomed pirate.  But, a pirate nonetheless.  I’m sure she was happy about the slightly early eviction.

It wasn’t that long ago that E.’s father lost a hard-fought battle with cancer.   The loss was, of course, terrible for her.   Her father was a funny, kind and good man and, while the physical distance between them (Montana to Vermont) may have been great the emotional distance was not.   I imagine that when E. learned she was pregnant, she felt her father’s absence ten-fold.  And thought of him often throughout.

E. had a baby boy.   And that beautiful little baby boy carries his grandfather’s middle name with pride.

A Circle of Life

Congratulations, E.  I suppose, being a boy and all, it means we’ll just have to teach him all the words to the Billy Joel Glass Houses album rather than the show tunes from Annie?   Right?   xoxo, Lucy

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Big Brother drew a picture in school today of someone he kept referring to as “Fancy Pants”.   His teachers, attempting to label his artwork for him, were likely taken aback.  Perhaps they may have viewed “Fancy Pants” as a somewhat derogatory expression, seen the picture and pegged us as snobs.  Or, thought that perhaps we make fun of people and use judgmental names in the presence of our children.   Here’s Big Brother’s picture.

But, had they judged us as bad parents for teaching our children a few teasing nicknames (such as “Fancy Pants”) they would have had us all wrong.  All wrong.  No.  We absolutely refuse to be judged like that.

Now, had you accused us, instead, of letting our son play too many computer games like this one we may have played now and then?!

Ummm, ok.   Well, then, you might actually have a point.

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I recently learned that my matron-of-honor was pregnant when I read about it on Facebook.   And, I was really, really happy for her.  But, I gotta say, reading about it like that before I had heard it from her just hit me like a ton of bricks.

She was my matron-of-honor when I married in 2002 (she is since divorced and happily remarried) but, more importantly she had been my friend (has been my friend) since we were little girls.  She was that friend who, while we never went to the same school and often went long stretches of time without seeing each other, I just always felt was to be counted as my lifetime best friend.  One of those people who, while the day-to-day updates wouldn’t be shared, the big life events would always inspire us to connect.

Unfortunately, the big life events of late (until the pregnancy) have been sad ones.  My mother’s aneurysms, the death of her father and then her uncle.   But, we found each other.  And found comfort.  In each others voices and, when in the same place, each others hugs.

To be fair, she sent me an email sharing her baby news after her very first OB appointment.  Somehow, I missed it.  Never saw the email and, therefore, never replied.  She assumed I was just too busy with my own life and figured that, while I probably meant to write back, I had let it slip through the cracks.

Isn’t that so damn sad?!  On so many levels, it crushes me.

That she thought I didn’t care enough to acknowledge her huge news. News that I knew she had been praying for.  She will be an amazing mother and we had discussed how kids just had to be in her future.  And, would be.  And wouldn’t that be an amazing day?  We couldn’t wait.  And, she married her Knight.  And, then it happened for her.  A baby!  And, she emailed me.  And….nothing.

That she believed it was possible that I would be so wrapped up in my own life not to get in touch. Never.  I just would never, ever be that sh*tty a friend.  Especially to her.  I hate that she thought I might be.

That she may have felt even the littlest twinge of sadness over my sh*tty friend-ness.  In the moment that was to be so exciting…sharing the big news!  And from her supposed long-time friend.  No reply?   No way.  I hope she wasn’t sad.

That the friggin’ Facebook world got to share her happy news before I did. That I never had that insider feeling you get when someone you love shares something before the news can really be out.  Selfish, I know, but true.

Of course, I don’t think for one minute that this whole miscommunication event was that big a deal to her.  I hope that I’m right that she was happily basking in her new marriage, the amazing man she married, the love of her other friends (surely more intimate friends on a day-to-day basis than I am) and the incredible life she was building inside of her.   (Not to mention the distraction of frequent vomiting.)  And my conspicuous absence from this joy was merely an unexpected blip for her.  I truly hope that it didn’t matter for her.

For me.  It matters.

Am I so wrapped up in my life?  Have I become that person that would miss an email or, worse, not even bother to reply?

I used to roll my eyes at technophobes.  Those archaic dinosaurs who say email is so impersonal.  That we should all be picking up the phone more often.  Writing notes.  Visiting each other.  Touching each other in a way that doesn’t involve a keyboard and DSL.

Now?   I just really wonder.    What’s technology doing to my relationships?  I may have 415 Facebook friends but how many of those people actually give a rat’s a** about me?  When push comes to shove, I mean.  Probably ten?  Six, maybe?  Really.  Not many.

And, one of that small collection of real friends?   She’s having a baby and I had no idea.


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Predictably, that didn’t take long.

I knew I hated Twitter.

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See that new bird over there to the right?   I don’t even really use Twitter (as you’ll see if you decide to click on him to follow my page of nothingness over there.)   Well, except to stalk follow some of my favorite mind-numbing celebrities.

I “joined” Twitter over a year ago, never posted a single thing, set my profile so that I had to approve any “followers” and ignored every single weirdo that came my way.  It was just sort of a voyeuristic peephole for me.  I was there.  And, I was watching…but silently.

And then, predictably, I got bored.  Stopped checking daily, then weekly then stopped altogether.  Facebook’s more my obsession thing.   Twitter wasn’t for me.

Turns out, though, that anyone who’s anyone in the blog world thinks “tweeting” your posts is a good idea.   Drives traffic, encourages a following, comments, etc.  So, I’m somewhat skeptically trying it out.

But, if it scares me (a la Craigslist) at any point, you all (my prior readers) will be the first to know.  ‘Cause I’ll cancel my Twitter account and BeeBee gun that little birdy over there right off his post.

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In an attempt to clean out the room, we decided to try to sell a few pieces of furniture on Craigslist instead of wastefully just bringing them to the dump.


From: lili loulou
Date: March 3, 2010 1:07:37 PM EST
RE: interested pick up craigslist chair let me know

we can do it after 5:30 . 6ish, would you give me a ride to my place, i dont have a car and i can pay you for that
please let me know otherwise i can not pick it up today


Oh, sure, complete internet stranger!  Come on by after 6 (when it’s dark out) and I’ll just load up my chair and welcome you into my car so I can drive you home.  Sure.  Maybe you’ve got some candy to feed my children, too.  

So much for that idea.  To the dump we shall go.

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