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When your blog has attracted a certain number of visitors, you receive an email from Blogspot suggesting you start placing ads in and around your postings.  The ads link in to your site based on your content and, believe it or not, you (well, I) receive a very small amount of money per ad, per click, etc.  So, I just want to let you know that the ads you see going forward are not mine but, instead, what Google has decided you might like to see / buy / etc.

I noticed today’s ad is anti-Scott Brown (not pro-Coakley, I will point out.  Surprise).   Regardless of who I vote for tomorrow, just know that the ads are not of my posting.  If there was a way to screen political ads entirely, I’d do it.  Because, it isn’t like we haven’t been disgustingly inundated with these ads already.
So, bear with me on it for today.    K?

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