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You’re up already?

It’s the crack of dawn

Your brother’s still sleeping

Did you just yawn?

Eat your breakfast

It’s good for you

Go get dressed

And tie your shoes

When you potty

Close the door

I wish you’d hold

My hand some more

Say you’re sorry

Hurry up

Flush the toilet

Feed the pup

How many times

Do I have to say…?

It’s a parking lot

Don’t run away!

Give me a kiss

That’s right, not left

Turn down the tv

Or you’ll go deaf

When you have a stick

Don’t run around

Stop touching things

That were on the ground

Be a nice boy

But, toughen up

You’re too old

For a sippy cup

I love you

To the Moon and Back

Three days away

Ten bags to pack?

Wipe the seat

Pick up your room

Tom & Jerry is

A bad cartoon

Is it nap time yet?

Is Daddy home?

You’re both good kids

But leave me alone

How ’bout a movie?

A snack? A game?

Marbles?  Dominos?

It’s all the same

Eat your dinner,

The peas and all

Don’t climb the couch

You’re bound to fall

Go slow on stairs

But quick to bed

I need a hug,

You sleepy head.

Sweet Dreams, young men

Sweet Dreams, sleep tight

I love you so.

My boys, Good Night.


I wrote this in the spirit of a YouTube video I remember from a few years ago.  Although I may not have had my own children at the time, I thought this woman’s William Tell Overture was awesome.  Today, I love it even more.   Enjoy.

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