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Hey, ladies?  Ever been at a sporting event or concert or some other large event, run out to quickly use the facilities and been stuck in a seemingly endless line of cross-legged women waiting for their turn in the stalls?

Finally you emerge, happily relieved, but return to your seat only to learn that, while you were waiting in line, your Husband not only breezed through the men’s room but also bought himself a Miller Lite, ate a hot dog, checked on the sitter and witnessed the greatest touchdown run in team history?

Yeah?  Well, fear not, my female brethren.  Apparently, some Einsteins out there believe they have a solution to excessive ladies room lines.   Are you ready?

Introducing…the female urinal.

Having a little trouble picturing it?  Well, let me help you out with that.

You’re welcome.

Ew.  Just ew.  On so many levels.


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