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A rainy, cold spring Sunday.  Mom, Dad, boys all together in the playroom.  The Bouncy House has been inflated for the first time in almost two years — finally freed from its moving box prison.  PGA tournament on in the background.   Laughter, rough-housing, giggle fits, rosy-cheeked boys and lots and lots of jumping in the foreground.


Little Brother (from inside the House):   Oh.   Ahsuemay!

Big Brother:  What did you say?

Little Brother:   I say’d Ahsuemay!  Ahsuemay, Mommy.

Me:   What’s that, J.?

Little Brother (frustrated).  Yells out from Bouncy House door.

Ahsuemay, I say’d!

I tooted!

Me (laughing):     Oh!   You’re excused.

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