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Roughly nine months ago, I posted a blog bit that was really about some marital repartee between Husband and myself.  In the post, I off-handedly used a lead in that referenced a recent Jeopardy! contestant we had watched over dinner.   As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, we’re regular Jeopardy! viewers.

Anyway, the time I referenced the contestant (Robert Knecht Schmidt) was apparently close enough to his recent appearance on television that he was still very busy Googling himself with some regularity.  So, he stumbled upon my nubile blog and felt compelled to defend his fashion sense (a Nehru jacket) informing me that his jacket was actually very popular in the 70s (well, Robert, so was thalidomide, but I digress).

At the time, his discovery of and comments on my blog completely freaked me out.  Wait.  What?!   You actually ARE the Jeopardy guy?! He wasn’t threatening or intrusive and, to be honest, he was clearly taking it all with a grain of salt.  But, then he (innocently, I’m sure) also linked my blog to his Facebook page which led to hundreds of hits within minutes and, considering I was still at that time using real names and full faces of my family, ultimately led me to remove the post and completely change the manner in which I blog when it comes to my family (particularly my children).   In the end, I think Robert Knecht Schmidt taught me an important lesson.

The internet is a motherfurkin CRAZY place.  Think twice.   Then, think again.  Then, hit publish.


Now that I feel ok about it all, I realize I liked the post.  And, it should still be in here.  Because it’s a big part of how the blog developed.

And, truthfully, I hope Robert appears again.  I can deal now.  I’m ready.  Back then, it was weird and scary for me.  Today, quite alright.  Welcome, RKS.   And, welcome anyone else, for that matter.

So, take two.   Enjoy.


It appears that Jeopardy! contestant Robert Knecht Schmidt may have stolen my favorite suit jacket.

I mean, really Robert? Do you really think that might stand a chance at being a man’s jacket? And, that’s your pick for your first night on national television?

Anyway, that jacket reminded Husband and me of a time, way back when, that I used to be the one getting up at oh-dark-hundred to get ready for work while he slept peacefully before his own work day had to begin. He’d snooze while I showered, got dressed by the light of the bathroom and woke him gently to say our goodbyes with a sleepy-eyed kiss.

Once, back when that suit jacket belonged to me and not to Robert Knecht Schmidt, I went through a bit of an accessories phase. My favorite accessory? Silk scarfs. Tied neatly around my neck. I thought they made me look sophisticated. They added a splash of color and professionalism to the old black (or in Robert Knecht Schmidt’s case, tan) suit. Or, so I thought.   Husband thought it made me look like a stewardess. Whatever.

So, one early morning, before I headed into work, I lean over the bed to kiss my sleeping husband.

“Goodbye.” I whispered gently. “I love you.”

“Bye, cutie.” He replies, slowly wrestling himself up on his elbows for a quick kiss before nestling back into his pillows. Then, as I smile contentedly and turn to head out the door, he mumbles…

“Have a nice flight.”

What a punk.

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