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About nine years ago, I was a little nervous to meet an old friend of my then-boyfriend (now-husband) who I had heard a lot about. Fun stories mostly, nothing really intimidating, but he was really the last of Husbands’ close friends that I hadn’t met and I wanted to make a good impression. We were meeting up (with others) at a bar in Fanueil Hall and while I could get myself there today, I have no clue what its name might be.

Anyway, long story short, he gave me the thumbs up. But not because I was good to Husband (then Boyfriend) or because I came from a good family. He approved of me because I could sing (and did sing) every word to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band. With that on my resume, he figured I was cool enough to hang with his buddy.
I love that song. Love it. L-o-v-e it. Preferably played very loudly.
And there have been many and various knock-offs of this classic that have all, in my opinion, fallen flat. Nothing even entered the CDB stratosphere.
Last night I watched the CMA Awards for about 15 minutes. And, to be honest, I watched them because I was bossily not going to let Husband watch another minute of Fox News in my presence. So, I pretended that I really wanted to watch the Country Music Awards when, frankly, I could care less about them.
But during those 15 minutes we were introduced to the Zac Brown Band. And we witnessed this. Then we rewound and rewatched. Again. And then again. Three times. And, now twice this morning. Just makes me smile. Awesome.

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